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Please Note:  We will Not be selling Button Quail Hatching eggs this  year (2015)



We are still taking orders for Blown Eggs, Button Quail Cages and Books.


Have you tried the new egg decorating craze?

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Anyone can do it..YES..EVEN YOU!


Welcome to Bracken Ridge Ranch

The Number One "BUTTON QUAIL" website!
 We specialize in quality Button Quail hatching eggs

Order this book today!  Everything you need to know about these amazing little quail is here!

"A Closer Look At Button Quail"
Written by Jodi McDonald
is Now Available
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The book is also Available through

Jodi McDonald has authored many articles for Game Bird Gazette and is one of the worlds most leading authorities on "Button Quail"

Bracken Ridge Ranch is owned and operated by Bruce and Jodi McDonald, and is located about 60 miles NE of Sacramento, the California State Capital, Bruce & Jodi Have dedicated the past 30 years raising and researching "Chinese Blue Breasted Quail (Excalfactoria chinensis) also commonly known as "Button Quail."

  We Now Have Bees Wax From our own Pesticide , free hives For Pysanky Artists

                  To help prevent frustrating clogs in your Kistka we hand-filter the wax 4 times through ultra-fine filters to insure that it is  free of "Bees Knees & Other Debris"

See Our Blown / Craft Egg page for details!

We  offer quality Blown Eggs for Egg Artists, Crafters, Schools, etc.
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